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Our goal is to give you as parents the information and access you need to become active partners in your child’s education. This is important because we know that when families are informed and involved, children do better in school.

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For further assistance, you may make an appointment with our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Ivie Bien-Aime. The focus of whose job is making our school a place where families feel welcome, supported and respected as partners in education. She is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm, located on the 1st Floor in Room #140 and can be reached in the office at (718) 241-4800 ext. 1400, via cell (347) 563-4672, via email at ibienaime@is68.org.

Latest News:

Welcome Back to School - September 4, 2014 @8am

Welcome Back to School on September 4, 2014!!!

School starts at 8AM every day & end at 2:20PM every day.

Students must enter the building on East 81st Street and Avenue J (go down the ramp into the cafeteria)


Byenveni Retounen nan lekòl sou, 4 septanm 2014 !!!

Lekòl kòmanse nan 8AM chak jou & fini nan 2:20 PM chak jou.

Elèv yo dwe antre nan bilding lan sou bò solèy leve 81st Street ak Avenue J ( desann ranp lan nan kafeterya a )



نرحب العودة إلى المدارس في 4 سبتمبر 2014 !

تبدأ المدرسة في كل يوم 08:00 و تنتهي في 02:20 كل يوم .

يجب على الطلاب دخول المبنى على شارع 81 شرق و شارع J  (اذهب إلى أسفل المنحدر إلى الكافتيريا )



Bienvenidos a la escuela en 04 de septiembre 2014 !!!

Las clases comienzan a las 8 am todos los días y terminan a las 14:20 todos los días .


Los estudiantes deben entrar al edificio en la calle 81 Este y la Avenida J ( bajar la rampa a la cafetería )